London NewsGames meetup

If you work in or around newsrooms and make news-games or would like to make newsgames, this is the meetup for you. Not sure what a newsgame is? Head here.

You wanted Buzzfeed, and this time we're giving you Buzzfeed. Tom Phillips, editorial director at Buzzfeed, has kindly agreed to give a talk. Buzzfeed gets mentioned and/or requested at absolutely every newsgames meetup. So finally grab your ticket


Thursday February 18th, doors from 18.00, talk starts 18.30


Elephant Studios, London South Bank University, London Road Building. Keyworth Street. London, Gt Lon SE1 6LN GB

Elephant Studios is a brand new state-of-the-art interlinked media space at the LSBU, in London Road Building (entrance from Keyworth Street). Nearest tube station is Elephant and Castle.

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Code of Conduct

All attendees are expected to follow the Code of Conduct. In addition attendees are expected to clean up after themselves (like litter from snacks provided).

What is a newsgame?

Our definition of newsgame is a game that tells a news-story in some way. Newspapers have being doing games for over a century, like crosswords, but these are not really telling a news-story. One of my favourite news-games of all time is Wired’s Cutthroat Capitalism, in which you are a pirate, and have to capture ships off the Somali coast and then negotiate ransoms to get a payout, which you then share with your crew and tribe. A popular newsgame format is the humble choose-your-own-adventure. Some examples of this is BBC’s Syrian Journey and Buzzfeed’s Can you survive a week as Jeremy Corbyn?

The power of games lie in their ability to not just describe but demonstrate how something work. Take vaccinations for example. In the game vax! you play against a pandemic, and soon learn the key to beating it is having more vaccinations at your disposal. Before playing Cutthroat Capitalism I assumed pirates would always try to get the biggest Maersk ship with the most value cargo, but after playing it for a while I discovered that since all human life is worth something, attacking a lot of small ships and getting loads of small ransoms is much more profitable. It was then much easier for me to understand the rise in piracy in the accompanying news article.

Want to present a newsgame you've made at a future meetup?

Please get in touch with Linda on twitter or email

Please get in touch with Linda on twitter or email

Previous speakers

Holly Gramazio talked about her newsgame "Pornography for beginners" about the changing UK pornography laws. Paul Rissen talked about learning paths and games. Andrew Sheerin from Terror Bull Games talked about radical/political games. Mamdouh Akbiek (Researcher for BBC Arabic Documentaries) and Louay Ismail (Deputy Editor of Programmes at BBC Arabic) talked about Syrian Journey. Harriet Grant from the Guardian talked about Fortress Europe. Dr Tomas Rawlings from GameTheNews (an initiative of Auroch Digital) talked about Endgame:Syria. Paul Curry talked about UsVsTh3m.